Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are essential in any living or working space. It is important that they are as versatile, by offering utmost functionality, as they are aesthetically appealing in your home or office. JNJ Furniture and Design offers a wide variety of designs you can choose from.


Choosing great seating is as important as any other furniture in your living or working space. JNJ Furniture and Design provides a wide variety of armchairs that are both functional and comfortable.


Doors are the ambassadors of your room, welcoming guests inside. We ensure quality craftsmanship in all the styles, sizes, designs and features of every door we have. Choose the perfect door at JNJ Furniture and Design to make a good first impression.

Weaving Baskets

Weaving Baskets can be used in various areas of our daily life: for fruits and vegetables; for laundry, for mail, for shopping. JNJ Furniture and Design takes pride in the creativity weaved into the diversity of our baskets.

JNJ Furniture and Design

The new way to design your home

JNJ Furniture and Design is a Cebu-based furniture shop that provides a large selection of products that cater to your every need – without compromising on quality and value.


Since the day we opened shop, we believe our most valuable assets are our customer relationship. JNJ ​Furniture and Design products can be in the following places:

Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts
Johndorf ventures
Land Master
Land Traders
Habitat for Humanity
Mandaue Foam
Plantation Bay